What is a New Construction Inspection?


     A New Construction Inspection is a professional consulting service that evaluates the home against modern building practices and considers the workmanship and materials, looking for consistency within the Tarion Warranty Program; based on a visual non-invasive inspection of accessible features that focus on the performance of the home.  The New Construction Inspection covers all components of the home, consistent with our professional Standards of Practice.  The workmanship and materials are examined and any issues that could affect the homes performance are noted. The home is reviewed using the Construction Performance Guidelines published by the Tarion Warranty Program.  Our goal is to work with builders, municipalities and the Warranty Program to help ensure that you receive the quality of home that you are entitled to.


      We also help homeowners keep expectations in perspective.  We recommend that the inspection be performed within 30 days of taking possession. This approach has the advantage of catching issues early and having them corrected promptly.  The New Construction Inspection can be done when the house is 10 or 11 months old and by then the house will have settled and lived through almost four seasons.  Many parts of the new home warranty expire after 12 months so it makes sense to do the inspection prior to the first anniversary.  Some have requested the inspection be performed during the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI); but we prefer to leave this event to the builder, allowing the buyer to focus on the builder’s message during this process.  Any issues not identified during the Pre-Delivery Inspection process can be noted on the 30 day inspection.  The only minor exceptions include scratches, dents and other mechanical damage that may have been caused by the buyer after the Pre-Delivery Inspection.  We recommend that the buyer document and perhaps photograph these types of issues during the Pre-Delivery Inspection to avoid discussion later about who caused the damage.  


     The New Construction Inspection could take up to four or more hours to complete and all New Construction Inspections are performed in accordance with the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) New Construction Inspection Protocol, Ontario Edition and a copy of this protocol can be found at the following link: CAHPI New Construction Inspection Protocol.  The client is invited to participate in the inspection and to converse with the Inspector as the inspection progresses.

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