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     Brookfield Global Relocation Services (GRS) does not approve suppliers for Military and/or DND Employees to use.  Brookfield GRS only maintains a list of suppliers that have committed to the Supplier Agreement and agree to provide services to relocating members and employees at or below the pre-negotiated rates within the parameters described in the agreement.  You are free to choose any supplier(s) that meet your needs.  Rest assure, Second To None Inspections Inc. will meet that commitment and charge only the prescribed rate for our services.  Click Here to visit the Brookfield GRS Web-site.


     Do not be fooled by inspection companies that offer additional services like indoor air quality testing, mould testing, radon testing or allergen testing at the time of your inspection as these services are just another cash grab.  Here are some interesting facts that you should know.


     Health Canada recommends that Radon testing be conducted for a minimum of three months, ideally between September and April when windows and doors are kept closed.  Measurements gathered over longer periods will give a more accurate radon level reading in the house.  If you are concerned about radon, ask the seller to provide their report.


     Health Canada considers mould growth in residential buildings to be a potential health hazard.  If you have mould growing indoors, you should remove it and fix the moisture problem that allowed it to grow.  Testing for mould often does not tell you any more than you already know; it is mould!  To reduce exposure to allergens Health Canada recommends you vacuum, clean your floors and carpets regularly to keep your home mould free.

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